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Send A Cow


The BCVA has once again chosen Send a Cow as its official charity for 2018/19. Already we have raised over £60,000 which has been a transformative sum of money for those in Africa that they help. Members of the BCVA have run, cycled and hiked their way across the country over the past couple of years and we want to grow on that again this year.

We know that you don’t all enjoy endurance events but you each have your unique interests and things you can do to raise money. We will have several events over the year including our challenge to 'Live Below the Line' where our president Professor David Barrett will be attempting to feed himself on £1 a day for 5 days.

This year we would like to raise at least £20,000 for Send a Cow. This equates to just £15 for each BCVA member.

You can donate through the Donate Now button at the top of the page or you can link our site (address below) to your fundraising page for any specific events or challenges you may be undertaking throughout the year using the ‘Be a fundraiser’ link.

Please at least click on the Donate Now button and take the time to watch the video.


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