Representation and Education

M.Bovis Presentations and Abstracts


A Cautionary Tale.pdf

A heterozygote advantage analysis for tuberculosis resistance in dairy cattle.pdf

A new perspective on exploring the cell surface epitopes of Mycobacterium bovis.pdf

A potential model for assessing and managing herd risks as part of a TB control programme.pdf

Additional strategies for TB eradication in Australian pastoral properties.pdf

Application of a bovine TB eradication strategy involving wildlife hosts.pdf

Bovine tubercolosis the costs of the eradication plan in the Latium Region (Italy).pdf

Bovine tuberculosis an economic threat or a big fuss.pdf

Cymorth TB government and private vets working together to improve education and support to farmers in the drive to eradicate bovine TB.pdf

Design and analysis of trials for developing a tuberculin working standard.pdf

Diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis in Mozambique.pdf

Eradication of Bovine Tuberculosis in Slovenia.pdf

Evidence-informed Policy What’s in a number.pdf

Evolution of French policy measures to control bovine tuberculosis in regards to epidemiological situation.pdf

Evolution of Risk Management during the successful bTB Eradication Campaign in Australia.pdf

Factors that contributed to New Zealand’s success in controlling bovine tuberculosis in the face or TB wildlife vectors.pdf

Farmers’ Confidence in Badger Vaccination A Longitudinal Analysis.pdf

Field vaccination in Eurasian wild boar first results in piglets.pdf

Global epidemiology of human TB and the link with M. bovis.pdf

IDIS project.pdf

Managing Challenges to Disease Eradication the Example of Rinderpest.pdf

Operation Johne's a potential example for a M. Bovis engagement program.pdf

Paratuberculosis vaccination confers partial protection against M. bovis infection in cattle.pdf

Progress in human TB vaccine development.pdf

Progress in the development of tuberculosis vaccines for cattle, goats and wildlife.pdf

Strategic applications of the IFNy assay in a bovine tuberculosis eradication programe.pdf

TB Risk Based Trading (RBT) Project.pdf

The Paradigm Shift.pdf

Understanding TB pathogenesis role of “forensic” post mortem.pdf

Whole Genome Sequencing for sourcing Bovine Tuberculosis herd breakdowns in New Zealand.pdf






Poster Abstracts



New Methods.pdf

Policy Legislation and Regulation.pdf

Practical Delivery.pdf

Social Science and Economics.pdf

Progress in TB Control.pdf


Wildlife Reservoirs.pdf



Understanding and managing bTB risk Perspectives - Simon More.pdf














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