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Advanced Practitioner Course - Youngstock

Who? Cattle vets at all stages of their career. An excellent ‘next step’ following attendance of the foundation courses.
What? Topics include lameness, beef and bull, infectious diseases, mastitis, youngstock and nutrition. All courses are run over either 1.5 or 2 days.
Where? Various locations around the UK.
Why? An opportunity to obtain both technical information and practical application of this information.

Want help completing your CertAVP?
If you are enrolled on the CertAVP course, you can benefit from attending both foundation and advanced BCVA CPD courses. The structure and content have been approved by the RCVS to help you work towards completion of the B (foundation) and C (advanced) modules.

Course Outline

Within this one and a half day course both theory and practical aspects of youngstock rearing will be covered. The course is ideal for those studying for CertAVP(cattle) as well as for those wanting an intensive short course in calf management and heifer rearing.

Topics covered:
The Artificially reared calf – Birth to Weaning

  • Problems at birth, passive immunity and colostrum
  • Different calf rearing systems, milk replacers
  • Influence of environment and management of calf health and growth
  • Common calf diseases: especially alimentary and respiratory diseases; their epidemiology, recognition and treatment, including rational drug use, prevention and control

The Dairy Heifer – Weaning to Calving

  • Management of calves at weaning, post weaning diseases
  • Normal targets for growth
  • Common diseases at grass: their epidemiology, recognition, treatment, prevention and control
  • Common diseases in housed animals: their epidemiology, recognition, treatment, prevention and control
  • Puberty and factors controlling its onset, weight and condition score at service
  • Reproductive problems, congenital abnormalities, acyclicity, poor pregnancy rates

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain in detail the management and monitoring of diseases in youngstock
  • Understand the role of the veterinary surgeon in heifer and beef rearing programmes and be able to plan a heifer rearing strategy
  • Apply in-depth knowledge of the aetiology, pathology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and control of common and emerging diseases affecting beef and dairy youngstock in the UK
  • Perform sedation/anaesthesia (regional and general) and simple surgical procedures in dairy and beef youngstock
27th Sep 2017 - 28th Sep 2017
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
University of Edinburgh

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