Diagnostic and Therapy of Septic Arthritis in Cattle

A Starke, M Heppelmann, H Meyer, J Rehage
1. March 2008
Septic arthritis in cattle is a complicated disease of the locomotor system and must be considered an emergency. The further the illness has progressed, the less favourable is the prognosis, and treatment involves higher expenditure. This article describes the diagnostic (clinical, ultrasonographic, radiographic examination, bacteriology) and therapeutic procedures (conservative - systemical and local antibiosis, or joint lavage; surgical procedures - arthroscopy, arthrotomy or arthrodesis) in cases of septic monoarthritis in cattle. The different techniques for adequate pain management (local and general anaesthesia, pre- and post-operative pain management) are discussed.

Keywords: Septic arthritis, joint lavage, arthrotomy, arthrodesis, pain management, cattle

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