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Keeping British Cattle Healthy

Cattle and Livestock Health Information

The cattle specialist division of the British Veterinary Association. BCVA, and its members, offer advice to farmers and the industry on cattle health and welfare issues, including veterinary advice on endemic disease and exotic disease outbreaks.

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BCVA Website

The website has been updated to provide members with information on available courses including online registration, to deliver information on topical and developing issues in cattle health, to signpost web sources on cattle veterinary matters, and to allow discussion between members through a Forum. There is a Photo Gallery for members use showing animal husbandry, handling and disease conditions. 

Non-members have access to information in the ‘About BCVA‘ page, with specific information for farmers and students.

Applications for membership can be made online or by contacting the BCVA office.

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Cattle and Livestock Health information

A cattle specialist division of the British Veterinary Association, BCVA offer expert advice for farmers on efficient cattle heath planning and cattle welfare issues, including veterinary advice on national diseases and disease outbreaks. In particular, information following the bluetongue disease outbreak in Northern Europe last year and the importance of vaccinating against exotic diseases.

Cattle welfare information for veterinarians, farmers and students

Running training courses throughout the year and providing 1300 members with relevant information and veterinary advice, the BCVA provide education and veterinary information on cattle health and livestock farming, keeping vets up to date with all aspects of cattle veterinary medicine. Providing information for farmers and students on improving animal health, welfare and productivity with benefits for members including a small number of clinical-research grant applications.

Buying BCVA merchandise online

Show your support for the work of BCVA by visiting the online shop and purchasing merchandise from a selection of gifts including car stickers and key rings. To celebrate BCVA’s 40th year anniversary a miniature engraved whisky glass is available.